Randil Wijayananda — Earth Space Science Project — 2A
Randil Wijayananda — Earth Space Science 2A


On Mars, you'll experience warm to bitterly cold temperatures. If you're looking to stay warm, the equator is the best place to stick to. You'll find very few winds with temperatures up to 95 Fahrenheit. However, prepare for bitterly cold nights just like desserts on Earth. Plan your journey to your favorite season — In the northern hemisphere, experience seven months of spring, six months of summer and fall, and four months of winter.

  • Average Temperature: -80 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Day Temperature: 70 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Night Temperature: -100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Length of year: 687 Earth days
  • Length of day: 1 day and 37 minutes
  • Atmosphere composition: Mars has a thin atmosphere made up of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and argon gases.
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